Servers servers servers

Servers servers servers

Today at work I have had to battle with Rackspace’s cloud servers.

The idea they portray of “spinning” up servers quickly to allow for rapid expansion is a brilliant idea, however in its execution the concept doesnt work too well.

I spent 2 hours configuring my server for what I needed it to do, so the next part was to use their admin interface to create an image of that server that can be then used for replication. It took about an hour to create that image, then I wanted to create or spin up a server based on that image to see if what I had set up would work…..another hour passes and 2 live chats later finally I have one!

By this time its about 13:00 and time for some lunch.

After lunch I made the final server that I wanted to load test using, which is a very good website that enables you to send simulated users to any given site based on user scenarios, this then tells me if the server and website can cope.

After setting up the test configs it was time to do my test, 1500 uers over a 30 min period….start…..

….and fail

There seemed to be a problem getting my config to run, by this time its 17:00, so I parked the test until the morning!

All in all today was spent waiting and waiting! Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

But all in all both the rackspace and loadimpact systems well very well when there isnt a wait!