Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap 3

Today I decided to have a look at the new Twitter Bootstrap.

I have a new project up and coming that needs to be responsive and having used Bootstrap 2.3.2 extensively I thought I would see what the new one has to offer.

If you didnt know the new version is built mobile first, so instead of adding mobile support, it is built into the framework into the core. I think its the right way to go as mobile devices and tablets are becoming the common and popular choice for people browsing the web.

Bootstrap 3 has removed support for Internet Explorer 7!

If IE7 is needed in your project as it might do in mine you can try out bootstrap-ie7 which adds support for IE7 in the new Bootstrap.

Check the Browser Compatibility guide in the official Bootstrap docs to see the full list of supported browsers.

With v 2.3.2 to make the best use of the framework I had to create my own mixins to enable the site I was building to be semantic, but this involved a number of less files for the different screen sizes. But with v 3 there is no need for any of that, you can add multiple classes to the divs for all the different views. Which to me will make a big difference in terms of time to create the basics of the site and how it will react across the different mediums.

I have only spent a few hours looking at it, but so far I am happy with the new version, it definately seems better and easier than its predecessor.

I will come back with another update as soon as I can spend more time with it.