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    Welcome to my website, my name is Ben and I hope you have found my site as you want to create or enhance your online presence in the world wide web. Good job, your in the right place.

    Firstly some background on myself, I have been making websites for about 10 years now. I first realised I wanted to get into making websites at college, my course covered a variety of computer topics and the web module I found more engaging than the others, so after I finished my course I found a job working as a trainee at a company called The Driver Is. Odd name for a company, I actually missed the advert in the local paper as I thought it was a driving job, it was only until my sister pointed it out to me that I applied.

    I began as a trainee, and fast reaslised that I thought I knew a lot about building websites, where in fact I knew mere basics and was to get thrown in at the deep end fast. I started out learning classic ASP, basic HTML and CSS, back then I was making websites using tables for the structure and font tags and using the most up to date browser....IE 6!

    Since then I moved around a few different companies honing my skills and being taught by my peers but also learning lots on my own. I gradually got better and better and felt more confident to make start making websites for small local companies, my confidence grew and I got better.

    Now I work for a holiday cottage company building and maintaining their main website along with developing apps, creating server infrastructures, and helping out teach the juniors.

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